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Doodle Bunny

Doodle Bunny is the NFT project on Flare network. It will not only bring in first ever doodle NFTs on Flare but also, NFT breeding & NFT staking to earn our native Bunny token. There will be total 1000 doodle bunnies (500 Males & 500 Females). Our NFTs holders will be able breed them - 1 Male x 1 Female = Baby Bunny (There will be 500 Baby Bunnies). NFT breeding will cost Bunny token (which will be burned) & later available to stake them on our staking website to earn BUNNY token.

Minting Details
Pre-Mint Price
850 FLR
Mint Price
1000 FLR
1000 NFTs
Date & Time (UTC)
Feb 5 @4:00 AM
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